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December 2021
Created By
Adil Shehzad

About project

EXO has been in business for only 2 short years. In that time, they have released a total of 10 different drone models, each better than the last. By #10, EXO drones rival the specs of the world's top camera drone models, and they boast the best recreational & toy-class drones in the market.

We created the landing page to introduce the new product of EXO: Blackhawk 2 Pro - THE FUTURE OF DRONES


EXO Drones provides high-end, affordable consumer drones for both hobbyists and professionals alike. They offer high-end, DJI level drones at a much lower price-point. Therefore, they want to improve the existing website  to feel high-end and polished. The sort of professionalism you’d expect from Apple, DJI, or similar brands.


Evoke a feeling of confidence and trust in the brand.

To instill more trust in their brand via website’s design.

To feel more professional than they currently are - while maintaining the adventure feel of our product.

Storage Scholars website on laptop and mobile
Landing page of BH2 Pro drone
Following the principle of user-centered design, “Give visitors what they’re looking for,” we implement the following strategy
Redesign process

Each project will have its own process. In this project we need to focus on animation to highlight the product the most. That's why we followed a different process to match the needs of our customers.

Discuss to understand client’s ideas
Low-fidelity version for website
Desktop version
High-fidelity design & Animation for desktop version
Feedback from client.
Mobile version
High-fidelity design & Animation for mobile version
Make design come true
Work with developers to create great final product
What challenges have our designers overcome?
Rendering 3d items
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We don't have much experience in working with 3D items. However, fortunately, the customer has supported us very enthusiastically. In the process of working, we often made video calls to capture the exact idea for the animation.

Scrolling animation
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Thanks to Figma. Figma's smart animate function is extremely amazing, that helped us present 80% of ideas to clients. It also helps our developers understand and realize the ideas of the design more easily

Project Storage Scholars Pages
After redesign


DM Sans
Font Poppins

DM Sans is a low-contrast geometric sans serif design, intended for use at smaller text sizes. This font is modern, easy to read and make we feel friendly. DM Sans supports a Latin Extended glyph set, enabling typesetting for English and other Western European languages. It was designed by Colophon Foundry (UK), that started from the Latin portion of ITF Poppins, by Jonny Pinhorn.

Colour Pallete

Because the idea is focusing on animation, the images and videos so we just used the basic colors. The color blue represents is associated with open spaces, freedom, intuition, imagination, inspiration, and sensitivity. Blue also represents meanings of depth, trust, loyalty, sincerity, wisdom, confidence, stability, faith, and intelligence. Blue is used for button, subtitles. Gray is a neutral color and is the foundation of the color system. Almost everything in UI design — text, form fields, and dividers — are usually gray and white.


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Violet Ai Illustration
Icon NFT
Icon NFT
Icon NFT
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Icon NFT
Icon NFT
Icon NFT
Icon NFT
progress icon
Think Icon
Saying No
Two Heart
Well Done
Helping Hands
Measuring Tape
Electronic Chip
Flash Icon
Mechanical Tools
Program Development
What challenges have our developers faced?
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The client wanted different animations on the website to showcase his products in a more appealing way and highlight the product features in a more presentable way usually, webflow developers use gif files to solve this requirement instead of creating custom animations because this is an easy way of animating a website and it is less time taking.


At webnem, we always focus on quality, and for this reason, we used Lottie files instead of gif files. Because Lottie files are vector based and do not get pixilated on smaller screen sizes whereas the gif files are raster-based and get pixilated on small screens. We also used custom-made animations to make it scroll smoothly and give an eye-catching effect to all the main products of the company.

Cms for drone comparison
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The client wanted a comparison section for different drones for the visitors so that they can compare exo-drones with other famous drones, in terms of their features and prices. The client wanted the ability to add or remove different drones later on when a new product is launched or when a product is upgraded. Usually, webflow developers make these types of sections static and they are not linked with cms. So if the client wants to make any change or add or remove a product he has to hire a webflow developer for that. It's a time taking process and it will cost him money every time he wants to make changes.


As webnem is always focused on creating the best user experience, client satisfaction, and permanent solutions,

We created the comparison section using custom js code and we made it in cms by implementing a custom-made filter system so that the client can add as many drones as he wants to compare without any problem and also change the features or prices of each product with ease. Now the client or his team members are able to add or remove new products and change prices and features anytime themselves without hiring a webflow developer and saving extra cost.

"Adil is one of the best freelancers I have worked with! He did a fantastic job designing and building my Webflow website. The project was well managed with excellent communication at every step. Highly recommend!"

By EXO Drone

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