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March 2022
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Adil Shehzad

About project

HexagonFab’s mission is to create tools to help scientists expand the boundaries of what science can do.

The core of HexagonFab’s tools is the proprietary sensor technology - a new generation of biosensors for rapid and highly sensitive analysis of biomolecules like antibodies, proteins, and small molecules.

This award-winning technology, based on graphene nanomaterial, allows pharma researchers to characterise their molecules and production staff to monitor biomolecule quality directly at the production line. The company is based in Cambridge, UK and Zurich, Switzerland


The existing website does not look high end professional.

Cluttered and uses different layouts/styles/colors because multiple people added things overtime.

Therefore, they want something new, more modern, professional and match with new branding.


Leave a stunning impression with investors.

Show a lively and cool company to job candidates.

Provide information to customers who want to read more about the product; raise interest in product for customers.

Storage Scholars website on laptop and mobile
First section of Our platform page
Following the principle of user-centered design, “Give visitors what they’re looking for,” we implement the following strategy
Redesign process

We used mind-mapping to envision the website’s information architecture, prioritize the hierarchy of pieces, and create a fully functional website. To enhance the overall UX, we must anticipate their needs and present relevant information at each step. As a result, the site structure is influenced bt various user types. It was able to simplify user flows between sites based on this by deleting unneeded pages, combining existing ones, and creating new ones as needed

User research
Understand your client first
User flow/Sitemap
Create solutions by creating user flow
Low-fidelity version for website
Clickable Prototype
To know how website will work
Create Style guide and components
To make design look consistent
High-fidelity design
Make them to be prettier and more attractively
Build in Webflow
Make design come true
What challenges have our designers overcome?
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Project Storage Scholars Pages
After redesign


IBM Plex Mono & Work Sans
Font Poppins

A modern twist on a monospaced face, ibm plex combines mankind and machine by adding human variation in weight and crafted soft curves to a precise rigorous form. This is our headline face for pulling out key information and points in a confident typeface. IBM Plex Mono should appear predominantly in sentence or title case and is rarely used in all upper case. Work Sans will be used for paragraph. Work Sans is a typeface family based loosely on early Grotesques. The fonts closer to the extreme weights are designed more for display use both on the web and in print. Overall, features are simplified and optimised for screen resolutions; for example, diacritic marks are larger than how they would be in print.

Colour Pallete

Gray is a neutral color and is the foundation of the color system. Almost everything in UI design — text, form fields, backgrounds, dividers — are usually gray. Green, the shades of green and other gradient of green color brings the feeling of vine garden and freshness and youth.


Source: Flaticon

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Saying No
Two Heart
Well Done
Helping Hands
Measuring Tape
Electronic Chip
Flash Icon
Mechanical Tools
Program Development
What challenges have our developers faced?
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"Adil is an excellent designer who works extremely hard for his clients and produces very high quality work. Great customer service and work product. I highly recommend Adil to anyone considering him. You will be very glad that you chose him."

By Hexagon Fab

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