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December 2021

About project

This website allows user connect cryptocurrency wallet and bet how much they want on sports, economics, world events and more...


This website allows user connect cryptocurrency wallet and bet how much they want on sports, economics, world events and more...

The inspiration sites which client provide come from and, and they want us adjust and make even better.


Evoke a feeling of confidence and trust in the brand.

To instill more trust in their brand via website’s design.

To feel more professional than they currently are - while maintaining the adventure feel of our product.

Storage Scholars website on laptop and mobile
Sport page of Kingdom Sport
Following the principle of user-centered design, “Give visitors what they’re looking for,” we implement the following strategy
Redesign process

Each project will have its own process. In this project we need to focus on animation to highlight the product the most. That's why we followed a different process to match the needs of our customers.

User research
Understand your client first
User flow/Sitemap
Create solutions by creating user flow
Low-fidelity version for website
Clickable Prototype
To know how website will work
High-fidelity design
Make them to be prettier and more attractively
What challenges have our designers overcome?
we have never played betting yet
See solution

Our client recorded screen from the first step connecting cryptocurrency wallet to betting process and send to us.

Improving betting flow
See solution

Thanks to Figma. Figma's smart animate function is extremely amazing, that helped us present 80% of ideas to clients. It also helps our developers understand and realize the ideas of the design more easily.

Project Storage Scholars Pages
After redesign


Font Poppins

Inter is a variable font family carefully crafted & designed for computer screens. Inter features a tall x-height to aid in readability of mixed-case and lower-case text.

Colour Pallete

Grey and other shades of grey were used for text and background. Main colors are Purple and Green. Purple brings up a feeling of trust and reliability. Purple's rarity also gives it an air of mystery. Green is a color that can evoke powerful emotions. Green evokes a feeling of abundance and is associated with refreshment and peace, rest and security. Green also is associated with money. Clients also want use gradient combine pink and purple. This gradient is used for button to attract attention.


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Violet Ai Illustration
Icon NFT
Icon NFT
Icon NFT
Icon NFT
Icon NFT
Icon NFT
Icon NFT
Icon NFT
progress icon
Think Icon
Saying No
Two Heart
Well Done
Helping Hands
Measuring Tape
Electronic Chip
Flash Icon
Mechanical Tools
Program Development
What challenges have our developers faced?
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"Adil was an absolute pleasure to work with, extremely skilled in webflow, and came up with solutions that we didn't even consider that helped us tremendously. I would recommend him again for sure."

By Sport Betting

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