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3 months
November 2021

About project

Innovolo is A UK-based team of product development experts obsessed with building their clients’ brands. They provide 2 main services are: ON-DEMAND PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT and END-TO-END PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT and other services. They need a new website to introduce all of those services.


Design a new website that matches the new brand identity,  increase conversion rate


Increase brand awareness and conversion rate

Storage Scholars website on laptop and mobile
First screen of homepage
Following the principle of user-centered design, “Give visitors what they’re looking for,” we implement the following strategy
Redesign process

This is the agency provide designing product service, so they created wireframe and content by themselves. Our mission is to make the wireframe become a design that is more beautiful, more colorful, and more vivid.

Check the wireframe
Client created wireframe for us
Create Style guide and components
To make design look consistent
High-fidelity design
Make them to be prettier and more attractively
Build in Webflow
Make design come true
What challenges have our designers overcome?
UX PROblems
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The first version we created had the content as the wireframe the client provided, but with a change more creative on the layout. However, clients commented that it would be difficult for viewers to read the content and interact with the website. During the meeting with the client, he emphasized many times that the layout should go left to right, top to bottom to make it easier for users to read the content. It’s good for us to learn the conversion.

Stock images
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Because client comes from UK, so we thought we would use image of white people. However, to bring the brand to the world, we need to use images of different ethnicities around the world. It was a lesson for us about using images for websites.

Project Storage Scholars Pages
After redesign


Helvetica Neue
Font Poppins

Helvetica Neue is a perfect re-working of typeface that comprises a perfect combination of widths and heights. Many changes are made in order to make this typeface worth utilizing. A few changes include better readability and legibility, enlarge spacing, Punctuation, and additional numbers. These additional changes when combine make Helvetica Neue a perfect and worth recommending typeface.

Colour Pallete

Gray is a neutral color and is the foundation of the color system. Almost everything in UI design — text, form fields, backgrounds, dividers — are usually gray. Blue, Green, Yellow and Red are branding colors. Blue is for Human, Green is for Familiar, Yellow is for Friendly and Red is for Straightforward.


Violet Ai Illustration
Icon NFT
Icon NFT
Icon NFT
Icon NFT
Icon NFT
Icon NFT
Icon NFT
Icon NFT
progress icon
Think Icon
Saying No
Two Heart
Well Done
Helping Hands
Measuring Tape
Electronic Chip
Flash Icon
Mechanical Tools
Program Development
What challenges have our developers faced?
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"While there are many developers claiming to also be designers on Upwork. Few of them actually are. Fortunately, Adil does not fall into this category. He was able to quickly create a very impressive design for my website on Figma with little need for input or revisions. He then did a good implementing the design on Webflow. I would certainly re-hire him for further work in the future."

By Innovolo

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